Benefits of traveling essay

 While traveling, you know places that you only saw through books and the internet, seeing first being there is very rewarding and exciting is not the same that they tell you something to be there to live it, ineffably visit new places like Pracya Lake in Russia, Morca coffee plantation in Colombia, Brooklyn Bridge in New York USA and many other sites make each country different and the experience different traveling is undoubtedly wonderful in all aspects and senses. When we travel we meet many more people's customs, cultures come to a novelty to our life never seen before and open all our senses
all our perceptions open.  When we travel we must be prepared for any emergency, unplanned hours and things like that, we do arrangements in our lives.

When we travel we make new friends, we carry different memories of things and places that will never be erased of our minds, traveling to make a psychic interconnection with people at the mental level we feel like members of a large family in the humble humanity of our planet this makes life be more wonderful, traveling is the best gift for our lives and it transforms us in a unique way.

Important reasons do you why need traveling abroad, "is for young People"

 In high school and college, you are likely to receive some kind of encouragement to travel,
studying or working abroad It may seem like you have a lot to do, so don't seriously consider these
opportunities or maybe you rule them out as you plan to travel later in life.

I would encourage traveling at any age, but the sooner I can learn the lessons the trip teaches, the better.

When you are young you are still meeting and preparing for your school and career.
The skills and experience you get when traveling abroad can also give you personal benefits for a lifetime. As an advantage in the professional world.

In high school and college, you have the luxury of having flexibility, since you can
study anywhere in the world and have relatively long study breaks. It is the best time to take advantage of your freedom and youth.

As young people, most of us have a fairly established comfort zone. At home with mom and dad, in a community that has probably known you for a good part of your life. You have your friends, activities, meeting places and possibly established jobs. We feel comfortable in these daily roles and the idea of ​​breaking them can be scary and uncomfortable.

The problem is that you learn more about uncomfortable and unknown situations. In our daily routines, you know how to act and respond to people and their environment. Being in a new place, with different people, who have different values ​​and live life differently (or not as different as you can find) eliminates all that familiarity.

It can be scary, but once you discover that you can connect with people despite the differences, and you can navigate in foreign environments, you become a more intelligent and competent person. Embrace the discomfort. Look for it, because it is helping you grow

Traveling to Taipei

 There are certain opportunities when people think about traveling, well traveling to Taiwan specifically Taipei is the careful mayor known for its state-of-the-art technology and its laws, people often hear this mentioned, so there will be no surprises for almost anyone since Almost everything is known about this country, it is a very popular destination leave this city without first visiting this large erect tower .
The starting point will always be your culture in Taiwan has a very serious culture and its cuisine is unmatched, so we prepare for this great trip to this beautiful Asian country.
From our appreciation the Taiwanese culture always visits the Taipei 101 tower, we will give you some simple tips before you visit this great tower.

1) Buy your ticket online since you can get a surprise knowing that the entrance tickets can be sold out very quickly and this is the cause of the resellers and a large number of tourists who visit it
2) Plan the purchase of the mentioned ticket before your trip so that there are no surprises
3) Search for cheaper prices online it is easier to find good prices with just a few clicks
4) You can send us emails to give specific information about this.

 Taipei has great cinemas, restaurants, auto cinema parks, large residential areas and renowned parks and much more
The big point is that there are several areas with different attractions, how people visit this magical land is barely scratched
Walking around the towers and relaxing parks long after a day like this before going to Taipei 101, the atmosphere is simply great.
The city has large international airplanes one of them is Taoyuan international airport
You can download applications with maps that can guide you through this great city.
Using the subway is not a great help since they can steal or scam you there is a certain amount of crime on this land you must be very careful.
It is gratifying and exciting to visit the tallest tower of Taipei 101, several types of stations such as Xinyi is close to Xiangshan station to rest the Asian tourists of the island and they love to visit Taipei more because of its great skyscraper the Taipei 101, you can n

How long do you need to spend in Tokyo?

 Tokyo has many things to offer Travelers who plan their short or long itinerary in Tokyo or in general Japan, the Nippon country has a lot to offer the traveler and you need to know how many days you can be enjoying this great country and of course have a large budget since things are not so cheap in this country, even to enter the country Nippon requires a fee of between $ 1500 to $ 2000 Americans for the concept of life insurance for in case of accidents and that this can cover your stay in the country, Tokyo as it is the capital of the country has the most expensive things in this great country.

How long can you stay in Tokyo for 1 week, 2, 3 or more?
If you have a visitor or business visa, it depends on the country where you come from, you are allowed to stay for a period of 20 to 90 days, you should check the website of the Japanese Immigration Embassy to ensure to which category you belong so be sure before leaving your trip to the Nippon country
Besides, you can also apply for single or multiple entry visas, ranging from 6 months to 4 years. These visas are generally granted to those who have a connection with people who stay in Japan for commercial or educational reasons, being of interest to Japan, this type of visa is granted very quickly to the traveler as long as he has enough money to pay for it.

In general terms we recommend the traveler to be between 15 days to 30 to enjoy Tokyo and its attractions such as gastronomy, technology, markets, streets, landscapes, itineraries for travelers, tours for travelers, people and much more
There are many things you can do within 2 to 4 weeks and it will be very beneficial for the traveler if you want to rest in the Nippon country.

What to do in Tokyo?
make a list of things to do in Tokio can be very exhausting really.
Here there are so many things to do and much to see, much! to make things easier for you, we have here are some of the best must-see spots in Tokyo, based on my investigation general about Tokio

A) Shibuya
Go to the Zapomoro line train and stop at the famous Shibuya station! as a well-known tourist spot and mandatory to stop yeah! Shibuya place has a lot of things to offer you, to start with, take an obligatory selfie with Hachiko statue is a dog watching upper is located right in front of the station this dog have a good history but we can't talk to reason to time to finish to redact the blog Tokio.
right next to the Hachiko statue. It is often very sought after as it is the busiest crossroads in the world, and this is a common sight to see tourists taking photos and videos while crossing this street or simply enjoy the debauchery of a few minutes to cross it as fast as the light changes to red people stop and cars continue their passage through the famous Shibuya

B) Harajuku
Harajuku is the center of world fashion for young people in the Tokyo area, Harajuku is the world center of fashion with crazy style and in recent years the number of teenagers with crazy clothes has increased greatly being an area very populated by these young people with pop and crazy style in Japanese fashion there is a street called Takeshita there you can see younger crazy people with hippie style and mix of futuristic fashion many with current and retro Japanese cartoons style.

In front of Harajuku station, this street named and often called as a tourist meeting place and most famous of all Tokyo, here you can find things that you will not see anywhere else in Tokyo and the world since it is in the top 1 of fashion and curious things about Tokyo and where brands are unique to the site and where more sales are made per day.
C) Ginza
It is for those people who are looking for a high-quality shopping center and will not look any further since Ginzasi is the exact center for you
Ginza is a very famous place for people with a lot of extra money in their wallets from the old to the young. This is where they should stop, here you will find products of many brands and good restaurants with Ferragamo Donato stars, yakamazuca, hontorinazo, becomes and much more.

Ginza also has a large selection of night entertainment of very high classes for all tastes but nevertheless, it is mainly intended for Japanese adults and visitors may need a native to enjoy these establishments for people living in the area and the country since the Japanese are a bit complicated to handle in its technology but its kindness is exceptional since they are great generous and respectful people sure if you can help yourself to handle this high Japanese technology.
D) Tsukiji
This is a global and general fish market and you should know that it is one of the best in Japan and Tokyo
Although it is a market on fish, visitors said that it certainly does not smell bad because that is what is said and of course this is because it is a market on fish, it is well known that the Japanese are very clean and adequate to The cleaning standards and always sell everything very fresh and clean is recognized worldwide that is why they even fail to clean the toilets and bathrooms are very clean in that regard. And in Tsukiji, it is definitely not an exception for tourists who don't know they don't need to worry about eating after visiting or before going there it is very safe and clean.

 Tourists from all over the world who have come to the famous Tsukiji fish market do it very early in the morning and just to see the tuna auctions that are held there, the owners of restaurants and great restaurants Tokyo come and do their best to get the freshest tuna every morning even if it can cost a lot of money
 This market offers the freshest in regards to fish, even here you can find whale that is illegal in other countries including Japan but there are laws that protect sellers to offer this type of fish, be good and go to the most popular fish market from all over Japan and enjoy it welcome to Tsukiji and Tokyo!
E) Akihabara
It is the house of Japanese culture in relation to video games Akihabara is full of stores of Japanese animations games that sell products and other related things you can also find the great brands such as sega, Nintendo and much more there you will have access to the highest level in world technology just for being there and visiting the town.


Akihabara is visited for its digital products with great technology that is still nowhere in the world since it is the cradle of technology and is where the best in the world is born about that
You can choose between small stores and large department stores, for all tastes where you can choose prices and all products are of original quality at very competitive prices

F) Tokyo Disney Sea
It is the united of its kind in the whole world
Built-in 2002, it is the first Disney theme park in Japan DisneySea is very different from Disneyland in terms of design and technology being, for example, instead of the usual Libyan-style castle found in any other Disneyland in the world, Disney is It has some animation pyramids, the little mermaid, the lion king and much more.
This part is a little outside of Tokyo and the trip can take more than 1 hour but it is definitely worth going to know it.

You can get the ticket on the main page of Disney Japan
Japan Tokyo has many things to offer the tourist traveler we always recommend the traveler not to be less than 15 days in the Asian country Nippon since he would not enjoy all the things that Japan has to offer and more being Tokyo the world capital in technology and culture

Travellers guidelines and guide in general

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